Jennifer (Aishe Moon) McHaffie

Aishe (pronounced "eye-shay") Moon, also known as Jennifer McHaffie, is an instructor, performer, event coordinator, studio assistant and student at International Dance Company.

Eight years ago, after engaging in belly dancing and folkloric dancing as a student, Jennifer was invited to begin teaching. As an instructor, she enjoys being part of a student’s self-discovery through dance. “It is wonderful to watch students discover new movements and in the process they discover something about themselves." She also loves having others to dance and create choreography with! Bellydance encourages students to express themselves creatively through movement, become comfortable and enjoy their body, and improve self-confidence – essentials for well-being.

When she is not dancing, Jennifer enjoys outings, gaming, practicing, and poi (a form of dance that involves swinging tethered weights in geometric patterns). Additionally, learning new things, escaping into a good book, and reveling in nature bring her joy.

Jennifer is also a mass communications: public relations major and a theatre arts major at McNeese State University. Her studies emphasize the technical, organizational, and promotional aspects of performing arts. She specializes in staging, stage movement, costuming, choreography, dance history, and event coordination.

Throughout her education she has coordinated and performed in casual and professional atmospheres including: restaurants, cultural and community festivals, historical re-enactments, cosplay events, drum circles, large and small scale theaters, social gatherings, charity events, Mardi Gras balls, and promotional events.

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