Jerikaye (The Fire Maiden) Maria Magdalena Nelson



CONTACT JERIKAYE AT 337 313 4485 to book the Ladies of the Lake or the Fire Maidens for your next event, or to find out more about learning tribal bellydance or fire performance arts.


Lifelong dancer Jerikaye Maria Magdalena Nelson has taught American Tribal Style®, Tribal Fusion and Fire Performing Arts since 2008. She is a certifiedAmerican Tribal Style® Teacher and also certified in American Tribal Style® General Skills.

She travels, nationally and internationally, to immerse herself in cultural dance and traditions in order to learn new skills to add to her personal dance style. She is recognized as an artistic voice and creative force. Throughout her dancing experiences, Jerikaye has picked up new styles and techniques and enjoys sharing those experiences, with her students and audiences.

Jerikaye teaches more than just dance. She believes dance is a spiritual practice, a curative for modern ills, an artistic form and a sisterhood.

Dancing is Jerikaye’s true bliss. People are always amazed at her ability to emote while performing. Her movements are graceful and fluid, mythical and magical. “American Tribal Style® really captures the joy and vibrancy of belly dancing.”
When not dancing, Jerikaye can be found in the kitchen, at church or spending time with her extended family. She is a homeschooling mother of two children and studies holistic health and dietetics.

Jerikaye has made numerous television appearances and has performed at various venues, workshops and festivals throughout the United States.

Jerikaye is also one of the pioneering fire performance artists on the Gulf Coast, bringing the artform to Louisiana in 2005. Known as "The Fire Maiden", she was instrumental in planting fire arts in cities across Louisiana. She specializing in fusing dance technique with object manipulation techniques in an an effort to truly exude grace under fire. The Ladies of the Lake, the American Tribal Style® troupe based here at International Dance Company has also become a well-known fire performance troupe in our region.